Easter Aquhorthies

As a keen amateur Photographer, I asked my friend one day if he fancied trying to get some pictures of a 'Stone Circle' as I'd never seen them. He agreed it would be a fantastic subject so we traced them down locally and set off. My friend is a qualified photographer, so he is professional in all his approach to timings and light. He said the best time would be around 7pm as this was early June 2012

taking the Scottish weather into consideration. We drove to the place which was in rural countryside and in the line of sight of our biggest Mountain is Bennachie I had just bought high quality batteries for my camera the previous day and my friend had two sets of HQ rechargeable batteries for his cameras. The signposts took us to a very remote farmland area, with Bennachie prominent as the backdrop. There was overcast cloud looming, but still enough light we thought.

We set off up the footpath not knowing how far away the stones were. We decided there was stunning old trees, but we'd take pictures of those on the way back down. On arriving at the recumbent Stone Circle, It's a bit overwhelming. These Stones date back to.. Roman, Pictish & Neolithic times, and are built with an Altar etc is truly an amazing experience.

What their sole purpose was used for as such grand monuments of stone, is still relatively unearthed. It is suggested they were used for tracing Moons, and for ritual cremation within the circles.?

On arrival at the stones, the first thing my friend done was enter the circle and invited me in too. We agreed it would be excellent subject matters and unpacked our cameras.

When I turned my camera on, the battery indicator read 'Zero' yet I checked it in the house about an hour beforehand and it gave a full reading for the new batteries I just bought and installed.

My friend tried to switch his camera on, and likewise had no power, he inserted his back-up batteries and had the same trouble - no power. He said this had never happened to him, and more so found it strange it also happened to me.

We were both seriously disappointed as the conditions were great and all our preparations were in vain. Just by that, I remembered I had a basic bridge camera in my car with the same type of batteries we used, but we'd have to walk all the way back down to the car and back up the hill to the stones, and was it all worth it, or shall we come back another day.?

We decided to try the batteries. When I opened the Camera case, the switch was left on the 'On' position and most likely, these batteries were also flat. Luckily enough it turned out they had 'Half' of their Cell life, so we headed back up to the stones.

On arrival at the stones for the second time, my friend proceeded into the circle, at which point I'm on the outside wondering where this man had appeared from with a Spaniel dog that kept barking at him, and the dog was the most Multi coloured I'd ever seen, almost unreal and looked more like a patchwork quilt.

The man started talking asking if we had been here before and I told him 'No' and he said 'Nobody knows this' but that Alter is operational and it goes back to the Giant who stepped out of the mountain..! I asked who he was, and he replied 'I'm the Keeper' I own it.

He had strange eyes with prominent red around them, almost burning ring type. The next thing as my friend was oblivious to his being there, the man seemed to walk away and vanish into thin air. I told my friend what he'd said but my friend was still frustrated, as the batteries had played up again and now finally died.

For the limited amount of pictures he got, they turned out great, but he never managed to get all the stones in on any one frame..? I researched further when I got home and discovered indeed there was a mythical story about the giant stepping out of the Mountain, and a Maiden had been turned to stone rather than take the hand in marriage of a demonic man.

I conclude there are forces at work within these Stone Circles and why did the guy tell me the 'Alter' was operational..?

Provost Skenes House Aberdeen

Tertowie House Aberdeenshire

Pitullie Castle Roseharty Aberdeenshire

Pitsligo Castle Aberdeenshire

Pitsligo Church & Churchyard Roseharty Aberdeenshire

Dunnotar Castle Aberdeenshire

Crathie Castle Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser Aberdeenshire

Belhelvie Lodge Manor Aberdeenshire

Blairs College Aberdeen

St Machars Cathederal Aberdeen

Torry Battery Aberdeen

The Towers of Skene Aberdeenshire

Stonehaven Town Hall Aberdeenshire

Tomnaverie Stone Circle Tarland Aberdeenshire

Easter Aquorthies Stone Circle Inverurie Aberdeenshire

UFO sightings Aberdeen




Ghost in window

Frank E. Mulley

It was a hot summer’s day in August at a picnic at my wife’s nephew’s house. Some of the party, my wife’s nephew, his mum, sister and mother wanted to go through the old colonial town which was build in the early 1700s.

I decided to go along with my camera and took some interesting pictures, When we reached area of the town one of the group mentioned that this was their favourite house and it has been decorated every year.

While they were posing in front of the house I took some pictures and, when home immediately uploaded them. While browsing them there was one which drew my attention and zoomed in to find a face looking out of the window.

Looking at the photograph in the bottom right pane of the window there is a face visible of a man with long white hair and moustache. I wonder if he was curious or wanted to be in the picture too!!

On Sunday May 26th at 11:00 AM. Heading to columus Market. Blue sky warm out side. While Debbi was driving, and my step grand son Stephen in the back seat, I noticed straight ahead of us over the tree line slightly above the horizon line I noticed a black rectangle hovering. I usually bring my Canon camera with me with a zoom lens so I took out my phone and took two photos. The road Was curving and trees were getting in the way but got two photos. In the photos as I re looked at it i notice two more UFO's in photo hovering with the black rectangle ufo. The UFO's were slowly traveling South East.


Glen O' Dee Hospital


Glen O' Dee Hospital. Abandoned former sanatorium/hotel/army billet/nursing home, etc. at the terminus of Corsee Road in Banchory.



Sunhoney Recumbant stones

Sunhoney is a stone circle of the recumbent type, which is common in the Grampian region, in particular at the River Dee. Sunhoney is situated about 2 km west of Echt in Aberdeenshire.


Slains Castle

New UFO sighting in Aberdeen

Walking home to my sisters house one evening around 7pm with my nephew and my son,

We approached her front garden and my son shouted 'Dad what is that lights moving in the sky'

My Nephew and I looked up and we we're astonished to see three orange lights together in a Triangle form and moving more rapidly than anything mechanically possible..! I

was astonished all three of us could witness this, more over than the actual phenomena happening above us.

When we told the family, obviously they thought we were having a moment. Much to our Relief, the story hit the newspapers a few days later.

My friend told me that many more people had witnessed them at the exact location below where they were sighted.

I am no longer a Skeptic, there was no trickery involved and there has to be UFO's

My UFO Encounter By FM USA






my cousin got out of hospital he use to come regularly to visit me and me him but a while later I could not get an awnser at his door then I got access and told him he needed help he said ok so got in touch with a social worker and doctor arrange to meet them there next day to cut a long story short he was taken back into hospital that same day of the early hours of next morning I was talking to a friend on skype when one of my clocks on fire place made 2 loud beeps and flashed green twice the person asked me what it was i said omg i think my cousin has passed i noted the time of it was 4 30 am later on that same day i got that call you do not want to hear they told me bad news i then said to them my cousin has passed they said sorry I then told them do not tell me time of death let me tell you I said 4.30 am the girl on other ends of the phone said omg omg omg later when I went to hospital and met with the same girl and doctor in report time of death was 4.33 am


The Cross

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