Thank you for visiting Baart's Cyn at Carnivale Beach 


parcels are 95% interactive

We welcome you to come and 

enjoy anytime.

We also have events, musicians, DJ's and 

other entertainment.

We would love to notify you when an 

event is scheduled.

We would like to invite you to join 

our group "Baart's Cyn"

Our Second Life Estate is 

available for parties, weddings, birthdays and other 

seasonal events.

Contact me  Baart Sawyer (Baartholemew) 

or Cin (cinedra Rexie) if you desire to have an event at 

Baart's Cyn at any of our venues
*Carnivale Beach, 

Sancturary, Mindflight Spa, Mindscapes, Venues, Zuzu's 

Place and the Castle.

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