Just making a place to chill out and have fun with unpretentious folks who like to talk, hang out and play games to get away from real life for awhile.

Baart's Cyn is a place to come to enjoy the best parts of your SL. We offer a variety of amenities 
including but not limited to SL School, Rock Pool, Events Pavillion that offers a full pacakge for 
any occasion, Garden Tea House, Spas, Meditation Areas, Lighthouse & many other things. 

All areas are Moderate to be respectful to all of SL.  

If you are looking for the best in Classic Country, Oldies, and Classic Rock Snowy River Saloon is the place for you! Snowy River is a Second Life Live Music Venue offering the best classic tunes sung by the best singers on the Grid; along with a lil Djing here and there by Morph and Rox (the club owners!) Snowy offers 5 venue areas; Snowy River Main Club, Mystic Rose Formal Ballroom, Outdoor Dance/Wedding Venue, 50's Roller Skating Rink, and a Seasonal Multi-purpose Venue (currently an Awesome Halloween Spooky Swamp Venue!) So come visit soon, you'll love the friendly atmosphere and you're sure to feel at home right away!  

Wild Turkey Country Rock Club is the place where you can hear the best of both country & rock n roll. A new and upcoming club. Check us out and have some fun. We are MC Nuetral.Opened September 2018



Helping Haven Gateway provides a team of volunteers to assist both old and new residents with SL issues. Also, there are free classes, event, and free shops. Do drop by and see us!

 The Rock Club  is the place where you can hear the best  Rock Music of all Genres.  Classic Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, Soft Rock, Southern Rock Live DJs live singers, concerts, dancing & friends. 7 level bike  tracks cuddle spot, nice beach area, we also got shooting range , go cart and games area so come check us out everyone welcome we hirings djs  and host/ess


                                           STORES FOR RENT  STORES TO BUY GOODS 


ok we  got adn  mens clothes , pet some animals, ks knight store  

with some awesome men clothes ,sexy fashion s&b woman sexy outfit  

gown and dress


Belle's Coffee Shop is a cozy, fun venue that has been hosting live musical performances on a regular basis since early 2012. Musicians and singers who have performed at Belle's include Duncan Bagley, Brendan Shoreland, Mr. Multi, Ed Lowell,  Jon Regent, Scott Fitzgerald, Picker Apogee, Thunderfoot Lorefield, Bearsheart, Zelator Baphomet, Laidback Celt, Stinna, Krysania Eramos, Bamboof Stillmorning, Whirli Placebo, David Westbrook and Pixel Fusion Band.

Belle's Coffee Shop is part of the Beau Belle sim, which also includes the privately owned, 15-year-old Leonard Cohen Club. In addition to the two venues, the sim has homes for rent that include private sky islands, a free dating service,  stores, a sim-wide art exhibition, a games room, many cosy lounge areas and a welcoming community.

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