Kitty Sparrows and Steve "Goatman" Sparrows are two musical souls brought together through music. Kitty has been singing most of her life along with playing trumpet, harp, a conch shell, and just about anything she can get her paws on. She sings a versatile array of genres and loves to improvise and collaborate with other musicians. 
 Steve has been a professional musician playing keyboard in bands since he was 14, going on to master musical engineering with over 50 years of experience. He has produced several bands over the years and many albums. He was a DJ at his local radio station and program director for 15 years. He performs music from Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, and many other musical influences, along with his own originals. 
Stelli as their duet group is known, has produced many original pieces you can hear on bandcamp and youtube


Kitty Sparrows and Steve Welcome To RTBT

Stelli enjoys engaging with the crowds and displaying in many different themes during their shows such as 60's hippie rock sets, jazzy sets, and just whatever sets to suit the venue
This dynamic duo is sure to entertain your fans and keep them coming back for more!


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