The "Music Hall Of Fame" group offers more for you than just being able to post notices...
 We have an ARTIST SEARCH/PERFORMERS FOR HIRE board set up to help you find gigs.
 Just click the "MHOF Profile Poster" and add your info on the web page, then click "update".... you can update your times/days available with the profile manager board (you won't need to log in to the webpage).

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Here are more locations for the "MHOF Profile Manager" board where Music Hall Of Fame Members can add their name to the artist search board.
We also have a "OPEN MIC PLACES" board set up so you can find those places easily... 
Singing at open mic places increases your exposure and can help land gigs.
 Contact Canipanic Maslow, Laya Sugarplum, Mystree Feila if you need any help.
The Music Hall of Fame Group is much more than just another group to post notices.We strive to make it valuable for our members.Many thanks to Monkey Canning for donating an area for our members to use.
   We have a ARTIST SEARCH (Performers for Hire Board) set up at our Resource Centre with Music Hall of Fame performers who are available for bookings as well as other links that are valuable for our members . Venues are filling their schedules and Performers are landing gigs. Venues can search for exactly what they need with a few clicks. They can select fees or tips only, genre ,times needed and days needed and only those Performers who fit their criteria will be presented to them along with a short bio on the board without having to read bio notecards.
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               ----------- Cafe Musique ---------
For Venue Owners and Managers, there isn't an easier way to find exactly what you need.
       Contact Canipanic Maslow or Elvera Lerner if you need any help.
We encourage Music Hall of Fame members who perform in second life to add your name on the ARTIST SEARCH (Performers for Hire) board.Wear your MHOF tag and click the "MHOF Profile Manager" in the Resource Centre and you will be directed to a webpage for inputing your info and bio.
We have an open mic venues board out with locations of 'open mic ' places ..just click a logo and you'll get the map so you can TP there and see if anyone is there. some also hand out a notecard  

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